Frequently-asked, already-answered questions.

Q: How do we fund the C’motion Rental?
A: Each school finds different ways to funds C’motion rentals. The vast majority of schools treat C’motion like an in-house field trip, where it is parent-funded. Schools will send permission slips home, and each student pays a minimal fee to participate. The C’motion fee can also be included in annual student book fees charged, or schools can request funding from PTO/PTA groups. Fundraisers have even been set up to cover the C’motion rental.

Q: If my school does a 4-day unit for $8/student, is it for the entire program or is it $8 per day?
A: The $8 rate that each student is charged covers the entire program, so all 4 days are included. They will not be charged $8 per day.

Q: If my students only have PE 2 times per week, does this mean they will only get to participate in the C’motion program 2 times during that 4-day rental?
C’motion will try to accommodate your PE schedule in order for each student to participate for the maximum number of days they’ve paid for. So, if your students have PE every other day, it would take 8 school days for them to complete a 4-day unit.

Q: Does C’motion make sense for all age levels?
C’motion is great for any grade level, K-12. Students of all ages can benefit from this activity since it provides a workout for both the brain and body.

Q: Is there a maximum number of students per class that can participate?
We are able accommodate very large classes—even multiple classes at a time.

Q: So the C’motion equipment arrives. Now what?
A C’motion representative will walk you through the set up, and show you how to run the unit prior to your first class. Depending on availability, the representative may also help instruct the first several classes so you get a good feel of how C’motion works.

Q: Do I need a minimum number of students? Is there a minimum cost?
We consider a number of variables to determine the minimum cost for your school. For specific details, call the toll free number to speak with the C’motion representative closest to you.

Q: Can the equipment be purchased?
We only offer a select number of accessories for sale at this time.


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